DJ Mix School 2013 will be a 2 week course meeting three times a week for two hours for a total of 12 hours of classroom, note-taking, hands-on, fun experience on the art of DJing. Students will be provided with a detailed syllabus that will review daily lesson plans. All DJ Mix School attendees will be encouraged to take notes, learn something new, and most importantly have fun. Beginner classes are for the entry-level person with little or no experience with DJ equipment or DJing. We will be reviewing DJ terminology, how to operate and perform off various DJ equipment and platforms, and review the different styles of beat matching. It is strongly suggested that students own or have access to DJ equipment to practice. What you will need to bring with you to every class session:

DJ School

What you will need to bring with you to every class session:

- Headphones
- DJ Mix School Workbook

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In conclusion, our goal is to provide a fun, safe, environment and allow people of all ages an opportunity to explore their interest in the art of DJing. DJ Mix School…For the inner DJ in all of us. 

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Fantastic Five Entertainment

Course Selection

______Beginner Classes $200
(Intro to proper equipment use & setup, DJ terminology, how to operate CD players and turntables properly, intro to mixing, intro to music programming, intro to DJ lighting, sales overview from ASL DJ shop, intro to scratching, intro to Serato SL and intro into running a DJ business)
Session Scheduling & Dates

DJ Mix School 2013 will be offered at A/V Systems DJ Shop on 1530 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85701. Classes will be scheduled as private one on one, Scheduling can be arranged for Monday through Wednesday between two hour blocks beginning at 9am and concluding by 5pm. (exception only to 4th session with flex schedule)
Example: 9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm, 1pm to 3pm, 3pm to 5pm
1st Session begins May 27th and concludes on the 5th of June
2nd Session begins June 10th and concludes on the 19th of June
3rd Session begins June 24th and concludes on the 3rd of July  
*4th Session begins Monday July 8th through the 10th and continues Wednesday July 17th through Friday the 19th*
5th Session begins July 22nd and concludes on the 31st of July


Q: Who can register for DJ Mix School?
A: Anyone interested in DJing or wanting to improve their DJ skills that is over the age of 12.
Q: What type of equipment do we use and instruct with?
A: We have on site and instruct with various equipment from Technics 1200’s, Pioneer CDJ-1000’s, Numark dual deck cd players, to American Audio midi controllers. The mixers we use include the Rane TTM -57, Pioneer DJM-600 and various 3 to 4 channel DJ mixers. Speaker sound systems will be provided. The equipment we have begins at entry level through experienced DJ systems and we review the differences between them all. The software platform we use is Serato based only.  (unfortunately we don not instruct with tracktor)
Q: Am I able to provide and bring in my own equipment?
A: Yes!!! If you have your own DJ setup and want to improve your skills and overall knowledge, then we encourage you to bring it. We will focus our teaching off your equipment and how to properly use and get the most out of your system.
Q: Will there be more sessions offered this summer?
A: Depending upon availability and the amount of registered applicants will determine if more sessions open up. Make sure we have all your contact information, (i.e. email and phone) and inform us what session(s) you are interested in, so we can contact you and make you aware of any more openings.
Q: What is the DJ Mix School Workbook?
A: The DJ Mix School workbook contains the daily lesson plans, descriptive color diagrams, a DJ glossary, articles, and other course-related items.
Q: Will there be homework?
A: Yes. For example, homework typically may consist of reading, listening to audio CDs, and some internet research.
Q: How will my learning progress be evaluated?
A: Typically, through quizzes, hands on setup and interaction with equipment. Students will also periodically record a mix onto CD to review and conclude the session with a 30 minute mix consisting of their DJ performance and acquired skills. This mix will be evaluated by their instructor and feedback will be provided to them.
Q: How much does each course cost?
A: The tuition for each course is $200 and listed on our Registration Form. The cost includes the 12 hours of study / hands on learning sessions, class syllabus and sponsor T-shirt. We accept cash, money orders, and *checks made out to Fantastic Five Entertainment*. There is a $6.50 service fee applied if payment is accepted through pay pal or at AV Systems Tech.
Q: How do I register?
A: Ways to register.
1. Visit and register online and use pay pal to complete the transaction.
2. Call one of our three DJ Mix School information lines at 520-240-0305 / 520-331-5806 / 520-629-8880 to register over the phone
3. .Come in to AV Systems DJ Shop located at 1530 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85719 (Broadway & Cherry) and sign up in person Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm or Saturday 10am to 3pm. 
Q: What does the tuition of the session include?
A:      -  DJ Mix School workbook
-        A one size fits all DJ Mix School T shirt (with sponsors logo) 
-        30 minute recorded demo of your final mix
-        A chance to DJ Live in front of family and friends and showcase your skills at our Back to School Event with a date to be determined.
DJ Mix School participants are eligible for LIFETIME 10% discount purchases on music from
AV Systems DJ Shop 1530 E. Broadway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85719
ALSO includes discounts on: ALL DJ Equipment, DJ Starter Setups, Music Service Packages, Rental Equipment, Lay-a-way Programs

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DJ School - Summer 2013

DJ School DJ School