15 Things That Only Happen to You When You’re Engaged

Engaged couple

If you #justsaidyes, it’s likely you’ve had one (or more) of the following things happen recently. Some come with the territory of being a newly-engaged couple, and some are just plain weird.

1. Friends you haven’t spoken to since you graduated college or moved out of your childhood home randomly reach out to you and want to know how things are going, aka they want an invite.

2. You enjoy typing, chopping vegetables, and anything else that involves looking down at your left ring finger for an excessive period of time.

3. Wine glasses, ring dishes, and other random goods show up at your doorstep as engagement gifts.

4. It’s become a goal of yours to work the words “my fiancé(e)” into every single sentence.

5. You become a major penny pincher about things you used to splurge on because, well, this wedding isn’t going to pay for itself.

6. You become obsessive about keeping your nails perfectly polished.

7. You constantly check your left hand to make sure your ring hasn’t fallen off or magically disappeared from your finger.

8. You consider wearing a sign that explains your proposal story in detail so you don’t have to tell it for the 500th time.

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9. Friends / family / acquaintances / strangers ask if they can try on your engagement ring as if they’re some kind of famous hand model.

10. You swear off taco Tuesday and vow to keep sober January.

11. Your besties are constantly tagging you in any wedding-related Instagram.

12. You find yourself binge-watching Say Yes to the Dress for gown inspo.

13. You include your wedding hashtag in any Instagram that has even the slightest reference to your wedding or planning it.

14. Every conversation you have with your parents revolves around invitation fonts, flower vessels, or some other small yet seemingly important wedding detail.

15. Champagne becomes your drink of choice because the fact that you #justsaidyes is always a cause for celebration.

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This article was originally posted on WeddingWire.com

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