9 Planning Fears That Will Disappear on Your Wedding Day

Engaged couple kissing in rain

With months and months of planning logistics and unavoidable snafus, you could probably write a short story about all of the things you’ve imagined will go wrong at your wedding. The truth is, the morning you wake up and realize it’s the day you’re going to make a lifelong commitment to the person you love, the following fears are going to totally melt away.

Embarrassing yourself
The fear of possibly tripping in your dress in front of all of your friends and family has probably crossed your mind more times than you can count, but right when you’re about to walk down the aisle, the only thing that’s on your mind is the person waiting at the other end. Things like mispronouncing words in your vows, or tripping over your train won’t matter as much as you think they will. Plus, guests aren’t going to notice small details like that.

Having perfect hair and makeup
A lot of time and effort goes into planning your bridal beauty look, and of course you want to look like the best version of yourself on your big day, but if a few strands of hair fall from your updo it doesn’t feel like the end of the world. If it’s hot and muggy outside and your eye makeup smudges a little bit, it’s a simple bathroom fix (what are emergency kits for?). There’s no need to hold back your tears in fear of runny mascara it’s your wedding day and you can cry if you want to.

It’s only natural to check your wedding day forecast every day for weeks on end. Once the day arrives, you’ll realize there is nothing you can do about it except enjoy the day, no matter what mother nature has in store. Rain, snow, or sleet aside, you’re getting married and that’s all that matters. Besides, rain can make for some really great photos.

You’ve been keeping your fingers crossed that your sister won’t tell that horribly embarrassing story from your first family vacation, but by the time she gets up to give her speech, you’re married, you’ve had a drink or two, and it’s bound to be sentimental.

Greeting every guest
You’ve invited over 200 guests to your soiree and the thought of having to greet everyone is totally overwhelming. Once the time comes, you’ll find who you can to say hi to and thank them for coming, but nobody is going to have a personal vendetta against you if you don’t have a long chat with them. Everyone is still part of the celebration!

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Having picture-perfect moments
Don’t panic over having the best dip-and-kiss photo during your ceremony, or holding a long gaze into your partner’s eyes during the first dance to make sure the photographer gets the shot. They’re trained professionals and will be sure to capture the important wedding moments. Some of the best photos are the ones you didn’t plan!

Rowdy guests
Let’s face it, the chances of all of your guests behaving perfectly all night long are slim. That’s not to say they’ll ruin your reception, but with an open bar and great music, someone is bound to have a few too many drinks. It’s easy to imagine horror stories of your drunk uncle turning your wedding into karaoke night, but when the time comes you’ll be so excited to tear up the dance floor you won’t be concerned with what anyone else is doing.

You know the quote ‘“timing is everything”? Well, that’s not always true. While your best intention is to having the entire day planned out minute by minute, it’s just not realistic to think that it’ll play out exactly right. Small timing details like getting the appetizers out right at six or getting guests seated early aren’t deal breakers, and those things are up to your wedding planner to solve, not you.

Seating chart
You’ve already spent hours arranging and rearranging the seating chart, making sure everyone at the table either knows each other or will get along perfectly. You’ve taken requests, dealt with RSVP changes, and the last thing you should worry about the day of your wedding is if people like who they’re seated with. They’ll be so happy for you and will gladly celebrate with whoever is sitting next to them.

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